What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming simulates a real criminal attack under controlled conditions.

These tests mimic the real-world targeted attacks that businesses face on a daily basis. Red Teaming is a goal-based engagement that delivers the true business impact of a breach.

Today, real and credible threats to cyber security are diverse, complex and at an unprecedented scale.


Examples of determined and successful efforts include stealing intellectual property and commercially-sensitive data, such as key negotiating positions. Such attacks exploit information security weaknesses through the targeting of partners, subsidiaries and supply chains both at home and abroad.

Understanding cyber security threats and ensuring that corporate governance and risk management are focused on reducing cyber-security risks will ensure that the business is less vulnerable to attacks, whether existing or emerging.


Our Red Teaming service ensures that we understand the threats relevant to your organisation, conduct meaningful tests and deliver easy-to-understand reports which you can use to effectively reduce real security risks to your business.



Key Features:

  • Tightly focused high impact testing with specific pre-agreed goals

  • Mimics a real world attack, with motivated and skilled attackers
    targeting your business. Customized to your culture and users,
    executed by highly skilled professionals.


  • Tests the alerting and incident response procedures in your organisation

  • This is not a “rinse and repeat” exercise – the attacks change in response
    to the defences encountered

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