Why Managed Phishing & Education?

Due the natural point of failure which all technical defenses are subject off, people or teams are your last point of defense.

Well trained staff, commonly can provide a valuable source of threat intelligence by detecting and reporting suspicions mail activity.

Many middle to large companies have struggled and failed to enforce this aspect, leading to successful malicious activities on companies networks for extend periods of time.

The scope of our program for Managed phishing and education service, will not only ensure to educate your staff members to detect and report phishing attacks, but also help to provide metrics to your security team for promptly analysis and response.


This is a real world based scenario for managed and controlled phishing education for your employees.

There is no impact on your security.


Its scope is to enhance your employees to report suspicious activities.

Works as a real time threat intelligence to contrarest external attacks.

Program benefits:

Our team designing, delivering and measuring your phishing campaigns scenarios. Complete report and feedback for reported attacks and compromised timestamps, individual reponses, trends, and enumeration.


Analysis by different presented and tested scenarios, also as the project testing success rate.



  • One click trough: Phishing email containing text to urge employees to click on a link, which leads the user to desired training lesson.

  • Data compromise: An email that redirects the user to a customized page that will ask and require the employee to enter critical data.

  • Targeted or spear phishing: Simulates real world phishing scenarios, were social engineering tactics are used to abuse known or exposed data gathered from public sources.


Although cyber threats grow in scope and sophistication, many attackers still rely on social engineering and human weakness, and it is critical for the organizations to prioritize their security awareness training.

In 2018. only phishing attacks on companies had growth of 70%, and ransomware attacks by 108%. Everyone can expect to become a target, and easy target has it's end users compromised. 

Implement people-centric strategy, your employees should be your first line of defense.


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