Why managed Penetration Testing?

Why Managed Penetration Testing Services?

As mostly probably your security teams can be sometimes overloaded of work, or covering other administrative duties inside you company. Their time will be spent in other tasks, which means less focus on most important points, reducing their time on tasks as pentesting.

The nature of security demands from them to be in contact with other departments and project managers for testing purposes, identifying prerequisites and planning changes controls.

Also monitor established tests, reproduce them for your internal program. It is common for these departments to spend lot of time on tracking issues and looking for remediation, workarounds and alternatives. 

As mentioned before the administrative prospect of security demands a lot of time and effort, reducing their time for the company cyber readiness.

How does the Managed Penetration Testing Service work?

We offer a managed Penetration testing service which is fully complete managed service. From it's start to end.

Our dedicated staff will be a simple point of contact during every stage of the project.

Management on all the layers of engagement, involving contact with project managers and penetration testing personnel. 

Ad-hoc consultancy on a on on-going base, in order to control and ensure security controls, offer general security advice and provide an extra layer of expert reference.

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