This program covers everything that is necessary for an executive of an organization to be ready and preprared for the attacks that often happen when they are targeted. 


Cybersecurity isn't only a technological issue, as the threat can expand to loss of revenues, operability, customers, renown, intelectual property or any other personal or company info. Therefor any type and size of organization can become a target.

Key aspects of this programme are:

- Information gathering: which is pre-requisite part of the programme in order to get as much as possible information about the technological and social habits within the company, how executives consume information and about previous cases of security breeches. 

- Cybersecurity hygiene: designed to help people understand probability of themselves being targets of an attack, as the executives are usually at higher risk. It contains examples of social engineering and varieties of phishing attacks.
In addition comes periodical or ad-hoc support or alert that will ensure readiness.

- Threat assessment: helps to understand who creates threat and the capabilities. Why would certain organization be under attack, which data might be important. What kind of attack have they already experienced. How well is organization getting to understand threats over time.

- Risks to organization: understanding potental risk, and how to deal with threats. Necessity for a complete cybersecurty risk assessment. 

Regular and periodical briefings with legal, operational, marketing, communication and technical departments. Compliance to standards and protocols. 

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