Cyber Safety Assessments

This process will help your organization to detect, prevent and protect your highest or potential main systems from external and internal threats. All this is done trough the process of protect those vital assets over a patch and hardening process program.

What is Cyber Safety Assessments about?

The main scope of this cyber safety assessments is to determine with regular basis, that your organization is secure.

This is due as many organizations, fail to detect and determine their main systems security, which regularly have their systems not up to date, or patched. Providing a high risk potential, to external attacks. A cyber safety assessment will help you to determine those risk assets, and ensure their maximal security, trough patching and hardening.

Why to implement Cyber Safety Assessments?

Our commitment is to identify those high value systems to review their base configuration, test them for potential vulnerabilities, for later report and provide guidelines, in how to mitigate the risk. Trough mutual collaboration, we will help you to prioritize those systems and infrastructure in order to determine the systems in scope.

The Cyber Safety Assessment will consist:

- Vulnerability assessments of determined scope systems, or high valuable assets.

- Scope systems audit for patching and third party application determination.

- Overall systems assessment for unknown or zero-day threats.

- Systems configuration and workstations review to comply with best security practices.

- A complete report of all our findings.

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