Cyber Risk and Threat Testing

Due the increasing trend and amount of cyber threats, business are changing their strategies to cyber resilient strategies. This will enable your business to stand and perform against all evolving threats and scenarios such as: predictable and unpredictable threats, zero-day, uncertain and unexpected threats.

This whole purpose of companies being resilient is to ensure their productivity, profitability, thought business continuity and proper incident response.

In order for your organization to be cyber resilient we will test and assess in how your business will stand against cyber risks and threats.

How the process of Cyber Risk and Threat Test works:

We will recreate the worst scenarios for scope and vital systems, and analyze the outcome in how your company, will react and stand such scenarios, once they occurred.

This will provide essential information about all your vital processes, employees, into other vectors for your daily operations. Also provide best practices to protect and recover in worst scenarios.

The purpose of recreating this scenarios is to show the management the possible impact and consequences involved in a real attack.


Are you prepared to identify possible incoming attacks, and contain them?



Can you react on time to stop those threats, mitigate impact and see whats been impacted or not?



How fast can you completely recover your daily operations?

The whole purpose/scope of this risk and threat testing is to provide you and your organization with the best practices for protecting your business.

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