Why Cyber Resilience?

The growing trend of cyber crime presents a high risk for companies operations in a daily basis. Targeted companies trend to suffer from exposures, high risk valuable systems, or even their entire infrastructure. Those scenarios represent a wide prospect of risk, which means that no simple solutions will secure or protect against those threats.

The process of being secure requires that your organization will comply with a cyber resilient strategy. This strategy will provide your business the ability to stand against the impact of external threats, while your business performs on the cyberspace.

How our Cyber Resilience program works?

By implementing our Cyber Resilience program we will able to help your business and organization to handle more effectively against all potential threats and keep you business safe. Due the constant evolution of technology, those threats are in constant evolution. So, your business strategy needs to evolve and adapt against those threats.

The program consists on the following framework structure:

Identify/Prepare – Protect – Detect – Respond – Recover

We will provide you with the guidelines to implement each process and its best practices.

This is an essential step in the process of protecting your business against an overcome attack. In this process you will be able to determine the current posture of risk and exposures of your company. In the overall of this process we will assist and conduct properly assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities or potential risk exposures.


In this phase we will test your main assets to secure them from external threats or unintended exposures. Our main focus are technology, processes and employees. All this vectors will be tested using previously scoped penetration tests, to report all possible points of risk.

The main scope on this phase is to enhance your ability to detect/identify any kind of attack or breach, assess affected systems in order to ensure a maximal time response to minimize any kind of service disruption, or data breach.


Our main priority in this process is to create and develop a plan to enhance the process of remediation and stand attacks while they are on course or detected. This also involves not only technology also your employees and processes.


As as last point in the whole process, we will help you to examine those results to be able to enhance recovery plans for you to be able to stand and recover future attacks and threats.

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