Why awareness programme Management?

Our service will put in our hands your cyber security training. By mutual cooperation with your teams and departments, we will ensure to plan specific and adequate training for your company. Involving face to face training, webcasts, videos into others. We will then use our skills in social engineering to deliver exercises to measure the impact of the planned training.


As an example we can deliver awareness training on phishing emails, and then set a simulated phishing attack, in order to measure the response rate from the scoped personal and the ones which were not involved. 

We ensure the use of our experience as ethical hackers to deliver real world scenarios. This will promote the culture of a secure environment in your company.


How does this programme work?

Instead of just listening or watching lessons, or trainees will be engaged to real-life scenarios in order to get experience and drastically improve their cyber awareness. Our training will cover a wide prospect of topics as:

  • Social engineering

  • Social media - dangers of exposure and how personal data can be used against you

  • Email phishing 

  • Virus, malware and ransomware

  • Passwords - importance of the password strength and uniqueness

  • Who can be a target, why and what to expect

  • Delivery of training material for those who can not attend the face-to-face sessions.  

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